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September 6, 2015

September 2015

Welcome to the international Hiroshige research website. The purpose of this website is to gather information and raise discussion. We use the catalogues of Suzuki Jūzō, Uchida Minoru and Okuda Atsuko as a standard. Since there are many unexplored research areas we will post a new topic every few months. You can join the mailing list through the contact page. Earlier topics and their comments can be found under archive. The results of earlier topics are added to the catalogue page. The website holds a database of more than 6000 images of Hiroshige’s prints, paintings, bookillustrations etc. For copyright reasons it is not possible to publish the database online but if you are looking for a certain image for research purposes you can send an e-mail through the contact page.

Additions to Okuda's catalogue part 1

The first topic of this website was the untill then unlisted uchiwa-e 'Ise Asamayama' from a series ’Meizanzukushi shokoku jūkkei'. Faulkner estimated the number of uchiwa-e in his publication at 400. Okuda Atsuko lists 548 uchiwa-e in her excellent and essential catalogue. In this topic and future ones we will add new prints and information based on Okuda's catalogue. The numbers on this page correspond to the series numbers in Okuda's catalogue.

Meizanzukushi shokoku jűkkei - Ise Asamayama (Edo meisho to bijin zu) - (Nihonzutsumi no yanagi to bijin shojō no zu) Tōto meisho - Ochanomizu asagiri no zu

244-252 Meizanzukushi shokoku jūkkei - Ise Asamayama (see archive and catalogue)

119-120 (Edo meisho to bijin zu) - (Nihonzutsumi no yanagi to bijin shojō no zu)

82 Tōto meisho - Ochanomizu asagiri no zu

Shokoku meisho - Yamato Yoshinogawa Shokoku meisho - Bushū Suzugamori Shokoku meisho - Musashi Yaguchi no watashi

319-320 Shokoku meisho - Yamato Yoshinogawa (this print is listed as no. 194, other prints from this series are listed no. 319-320)

319-320 Shokoku meisho - Bushū Suzugamori

319-320 Shokoku meisho - Musashi Yaguchi no watashi

Rupert Faulkner, Hiroshige Fan prints, London: Victoria & Albert Museum, 2001

Okuda Atsuko, Hiroshige no uchiwa-e, Tōkyō: Unsōdō, 2010


Utagawa Hiroshige